Saddam Hussein…the dictator

66 years old Saddam being captured in dec 2003 by American
soldiers nine months after he escaped and disappeared


This was the pit he was hiding in with his two sons who were
later killed in a shoot out with American soldiers

The American soldiers handing Saddam over to the
Iraqi people

This picture of Saddam in his pants demystified him forever

Saddam didn’t go down begging. He gave them hell in court
Forever the tyrant

Saddam being hanged early morning of
december 30th 2006…Guess they didn’t want him to see the New Year

This is the end of a phenomenon. Did he deserve it? He was 69 years old…didn’t he deserve to be forgiven for whatever he did? I don’t want to make any judgement…all I’ll say is God who is more powerful than all of us put together and sees every sin we commit still forgives us without any reservations…

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