My Pictures…fly or not?

I need y’all to give me your opinion on something. I wrote some weeks back that I was supposed to do a photo session for my TV show but my director refused to take me to the studio, saying I was too skinny and needed me to add a bit more weight before going to the studio.

Well, I checked my weight last week and found that I’ve added 3kg to my 49kg. I now weigh 52kg. I told him and he still thought I was still skinny…but the thing is, if we’re going to wait till I’m as bootylicious as Beyonce before hitting the studio, then we’re gonna have to wait till I’m pregnant with my first baby…I don’t see any way around it.

So last week Thursday, I took myself to the studio.

My director didn’t like the pictures…

Went back on Friday….he still didn’t like it…

His reasons
1, Too skinny…yeah well, whatever! lol
2. The poses don’t have a message…Yeah well, I’m a little rusty, I haven’t done any modeling in two years.
3. The pictures are not professional. He wants me to do a session at a studio where I was asked to pay N25grand for about ten pictures. (I paid N5grand for almost a 100 of this pictures…I’m so cheap I know, but N25grand for just 1pix? That’s painful).

We need just one picture for the posters, handbills and website. I understand professionalism but it’s easier to put that into practice when it’s not your money being spent.

It’s not like I don’t have N25grand, but I’m saving up for the print of the mag’s third edition…so it’s painful to part with such an amount. It’s times like this I wish I had one rich boyfriend somewhere…just kidding! lol!

So, we’ve changed the title and theme of the TV programme. It was initially Catwalk with Linda (we already shot 2 episodes), a TV modeling contest. Now, it’s called Nigeria’s Top Model Search With Linda Ikeji. A reality TV modeling contest…sorta like Tyra’s ANTM. We’re already talking to some sponsors…

So the picture is meant for the promotional campaign for the show

Check them out and let me know what you think.

Do I have a good photo to pick from? If yes, tell me which…


















Give me your sincere opinion…if it ain’t fly, I can cry for a day or so, then go pay N25grand for a professional photograph (so painful…lol).

But don’t forget that the background doesn’t matter. It will be cropped off and placed on another background and the picture will be worked on by the graphic artist…

BTW, that’s me and Gbemi Mowarin. He just joined the company and he directed the shoot.

So what do you guys think? Go back to the studio or…?


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