Let me officially say that I got my highest number of blog visits yesterday. Almost a thousand five hundred hits. That’s like twice what I get every day!

Na my picture cause am?

Na so I fine reach?

No be small something o!


Anyway, thanks for your comments. What I heard most was that my head is bigger than the rest of my body. Lots of laughter. I know, I’m working on that body.

I’m going back to the studio. Will let y’all see the new pictures when it’s ready.

Meanwhile, I got this email from someone

Read and let her know what you think

Dear Linda
Great thing you are doing with your blog. Well done
Want to sort your opinion. Have a friend who I met on the Internet and I like and he likes me as well. We have been friends for the past 7 months, exchanging emails, phone calls, chatting et al. He’s asking me to come over to his country, Poland, for our first meeting. Quite skeptical about it coz the idea is great but I’m scared, going to a strange land to see a stranger. Would you advise I go? Please ask your fellow bloggers.
Thank you.

My advise to her was NO. I gave her my reasons…I think he should come here first…with all the things happening around, one can’t be too careful.

But what do you think?

Please let her know.


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