Hey people. I need some of you to come through for me.

I’m doing an article on the next edition of my mag titled ‘MNET Face Of Africa Winners; Where Are They Now?

I can’t seem to find anything on them on line. Apart from Oluchi, others are a mystery.

Here they are:
Oluchi (’98), Benevida Mudenge (’99), Nombulelo Madzibuko (2000), Ramatoulaye Diallo (2001), Kaone Kario (2005), Venantia Otto (2006)

Can anyone give me any kind of information on any of these women? Where they are now, what they are doing now, how successful their modeling career is or was, jobs they’ve done, how life has been since winning MNET etc

Also tell me where I can get pictures of them. Their websites, blogs etc

If anyone has direct contact with any of them, please let us have it, so we can interview them.

Also, if you have any kind of article for the mag, please send it to my email asap. We are almost done with the mag and page planning will start next week. So send whatever you want to this week…latest next week.

We are also looking for human interest stories. If you have any peculiar or inspiring story you want to share with others, pls send it to us! With pictures!

All those who live abroad will get the opportunity of reading the mag’s next edition on line…we are already working on the website. I will let you know as soon as it’s ready. But you’re gonna pay o…lol!

Meanwhile, about Ernest Obi and the story surrounding him. I didn’t put up that story to be vicious, nasty or anything. I just wanted a little girl’s story to be heard. I’m not judging him…maybe I did…the thing is, I am very sensitive about rape. I have witnessed first hand the trauma a rape victim goes through, especially when raped by someone they trusted.

I have never been raped but I know someone who was and maybe one day if she allows me, I’ll share her story with you. You can’t begin to imagine what these people go through, you can’t begin to understand the demons that haunt them.

We are so quick to say the victims are lying, because we don’t want to believe the accused is that ‘kind’ of man but what if it’s true? What if that girl was really violated?

The funny thing is I know Joanne personally. We did a few fashion shows back in ’98/99. I don’t know her well enough to say what kind of mother she is, but I know enough to say if a girl said she was raped…it’s possible she was. The best case scenario will be consensual sex. And if she’s 12/13years old, that’s statutory rape.

Whether her mother is irresponsible or not is not the bone of contention, lets just find out if that girl was really raped, then get her the help she needs. And yes its my business…just like it’s your business. Who knows who the next victim will be?

That’s all I want to say!

Ok! Please send me anything you can on the MNET girls. Will really appreciate it! Cheers!


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