My Week!

It’s 10:30 am Saturday morning and I just got back home from…a job!

Provided 20 models for an end of the year party last night…

I have people who run that part of my business, so I usually don’t go with the models, but the organisers insisted I come along…

They got my attention when they offered accommodation at a five star hotel after the event

Haven’t slept on any bed except mine in the last six months or so…it was refreshing to lie on a soft, nice bed!

This week has been crazy and exciting for me!

Was at the Future Award nominees party on Wednesday.

Felt so proud to receive my certificate from the organisers

Met a few people who have been looking forward to meeting me

I was humbled

Saw D Banj there

Waved at him…he waved back!

He came to my office one day 2 years ago to meet with Denrele Edun

Denrele wanted to introduce us…I told him another time. I was too in a hurry to go some place else!

Now I feel honored just to be in the same room with him.

I also felt honored to be in the same room with Fela Durotoye.

And everyone else who was at the future award nomination party

Except…Jedi the comedian.

I find him very annoying!

Maybe I shouldn’t have said that

But I really find him annoying!

I was supposed to co-ordinate Collectibles fashion show for the Dynamix Awards.

Selected some models, did a little bit of grooming but had to pull out of that ‘cos their schedule was clashing with so many of my appointments.

My apologies to them

Reluctantly met a client at GRA on Thursday…

They wanted models, I sent my guys, they sent them back!

Insisting on meeting the owner of the agency

Finally went there on Thursday…and met someone who likes the idea of Top Model Search!

He wanted the proposal ASAP. I had one in the car

Thank God I went!

I think I might be hearing good news on that soon!

I spoke to Oluchi Onweagba Luca on Thursday morning…on the radio

Cool Fm called me and asked me to speak with her on air

Asked her about her newly established modeling agency

She sure is excited about it

I’ve had a few conversations with Oluchi in the past

She and I went to the same lesson for our SSCE in 1997

We were in the same class for about 3 months

My immediate younger sister was in the same school with her (Surulere Girls Secondary School)

A few times she told me Oluchi said to say hi

We met again 7 years later at MBGN

She didn’t remember me

Oh well…

To other things…

I’m a little horny! I saw a very sexy romantic movie last night and I can’t seem to get sex out of my head.

But I can wait! Not till I get married o!

Maybe until I fall in love again

I want to fall in love again

Maybe I’m a little in love with someone

I hope I don’t convince myself I’m in love just to get laid

Why am I talking about sex?

Oh yes…the movie last night!

To other exciting news.

This is the period we do a lot of ushering jobs.

My models are booked every weekend and some week days from now till early January.

They’re ushering at a wedding today. I think the models are already at the venue

I hope so…will have to check on that!

I wish I could buy a new car…

But then I need to save almost a million or more to print FM&B in January!

So the car can wait

Was at Silverbird TV yesterday.

Met a guy I couldn’t get to do anything for me

That’s new!

I did all the leg work while he sat in his office waiting for the tapes

Was a little pissed

Where did my charm go?


The best part of it all was watching my magazine TV promo on STV this morning!

Yes, Yes, YES! My Mag TV promo ran on Silverbird TV last night and this morning and it will run for the next couple of weeks.

Anyone seen it?

The Murray-Bruces are giving me all the support they can.

Kisses to them. Especially Guy Murray Bruce!

I want to upload the TV promo on this blog so y’all can view it but I don’t know how to upload videos!

Can anyone tell me how to upload videos?

I think I saw Adaure at STV yesterday…

She didn’t say hi

Maybe she doesn’t know me

But I sure recognised her…I think…

So why didn’t I say hi?


From STV, I had another meeting at a telecom company, then I went for my ushering job!

Came back this morning, TIRED!

I’m still waiting for info on the MNET girls

And articles for the mag

There’s going to be a bloggers xmas party on Dec 26th

Will get details later

Looking forward to that.

See y’all later…I’m going to bed!

Yes it’s still morning…

Happy Holidays!


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