FIFA World Footballer of the Year + Edition3 cover + Top Model Search

Ricardo Kaka is world footballer of the year 2007. He was crowned just last night, Mon 17th Dec. While Christiano Ronaldo came in a close second and Merci, third!

Nice choice you would say hmmm?

Meanwhile here’s what the 3rd edition of the mag will kinda look like…

What do you guys think of this cover? It’s absolutely not what the end result will look like. This is something we did in the office ourselves. We haven’t gotten a professional graphic person to look at it yet.

We just wanted to see what it will kind of look like…

But this is the photo we intend to use (It hasn’t been worked on)…and the cover stories!

She and I did the photo session same day…we had her in regular clothes (Clothed by Collectibles boutique), but everyone at work kinda preferred this pic…

Anyone like?

She’s one of the wave making models right now in Naija. Hot on the runway. I want to use the magazine to promote modeling and models in Nigeria. So for now, no celeb is gracing the cover…maybe later!

So what do you guys think?

What do you think of this pix of me? Hilarious abi?

People seem to like it. I find it…hilarious! ‘Sharia woman’ wanna-be! lol!

Meanwhile, here is the flyer we did for Top Model Search

I totally don’t like this photograph. But the director picked it ‘cos he thinks that’s the only pic that has a message. Something like ‘From me to you!’

Whatever! lol!

Well, I indulged him but this is definitely not what I’m using for the handbills and posters. We made this into cards to present to potential sponsors.

I’m going all out in the picture for the real campaign.

You know ‘The more you look, the less you see’ kinda photograph.

What do you think?

When the real pictures and posters are out, I’ll let y’all see it!

If there’s anyone interested in this idea, get in touch with me.

Meanwhile, the Dynamix award is tomorrow. I’ll be there ‘cos I’m co-ordinating the Collectibles fashion show at the event. Tried to get out of it, but got boxed in. I’ll see if there’s any gist I can get from that event…

The Dynamix Award is an Award for students all over Nigeria…I wonder why the organiser, Tunde, wasn’t nominated for Future Awards…he sure is a very hard working young man.

Anyway, hope everyone is alright? Life is treating you good? Happy? No break-ups? No heartbreaks? Making plans for a wonderful xmas? Remember to say your prayers?


It’s around this time of the year we start to count our blessings and losses. What did we achieve in 2007 we wonder? We start to compare ourselves to the person next to us…

But that’s not necessary, because after all said and done, what matters most of all, is happiness and peace of mind!

So don’t worry, if 2007 wasn’t so great, 2008 will be beautiful! Life is about to get even better for us all! 2008 is our year! You just watch!

See you all later.



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