Until March 8, this year, she possessed those attributes of a raving lunatic: Long, dishevelled hair, tattered clothes and a ‘comfortable’ home on a garbage mount. For more than 20 years, her abode and food was on an extensive, mountainous refuse dump close to the Intercontinental Bank along University Road, Nsukka in Enugu State.

Throughout those two decades, Mrs Ngozi Ogbe (Nee Obettah Nwaenyi) was presumed by everyone in the neighbourhood to be a mad woman. Until recently, her garments comprised several disgusting layers of rags as she displayed a deep injury on her left foot, which intermittently emitted a repulsive odour, and served as food and home for maggots.

These days, however, the woman has donned a new look. Ngozi, who didn’t have a shower in 20 years, has now been cleaned up, and those tattered attires she used to put on have been discarded, thanks to a Reverend Sister, Ogochukwu Josephine Udeji, who ran into Ngozi by chance and took interest in her.
Through the efforts of Sister Udeji and the Catholic Diocese in Nsukka, the former mad woman has now received a new lease of life at the Bishop Shanahan Hospital, Nsukka, where she is getting medical attention.

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