20 Websites That Will Make You A Better Blogger

By: Michael Dunlop

Hello Everyone,

Everyone has to constantly educate themselves to keep ahead of the game and to improve their business, because of this I decided to share with you the 20 resources I use to learn, improve and get inspired. There are 1000’s of blogs that talk about blogging and internet entrepreneurship but to be honest, a lot are doing it completely wrong and quite a lot are teaching out of date information that will only slow down your chances of becoming a top blogger

Websites Teaching Blogging:



Problogger offers all the advice new bloggers will need to improve their newly created blog. With subjects covering almost everything anyone would ever need to know about, there is little reason to use Google to find it.



Copyblogger offers some great tips, tricks and advise on how to write better blog posts, create better blog copy and all in all, a better blog. A definite recommendation for the more advanced blogger taking it up a notch.

How To Make My Blog


They teach everything you need to know about starting your own blog (if my eCourse wasn’t enough) – a great resource for anyone wanting to set up, customize and launch there blog.

WP Beginner


All the WordPress customization tutorials you will need to improve your blog can be found here, a great stop for anyone who just installed their first blog.



Blogussion is run by 16 year old Alex Fraiser and his blog serves differently to most “make money online blogs”. He offers great how to advise to customise and improve your blog as well as offering a great insight into how other blogs make it big.

Daily Blog Tips


Daily blog tips to creating a better blog, covering all the new blogging guidelines, updates and tricks as they come out.

David Risley


A great insight to how a six figure blogger makes money online – sharing tips, advice and news from someone who has been there and done that.

Blog Design Websites

Smashing Magazine


SmashingMagazine is a great resource for anyone who wants to create a better, more user friend website. Quite often people think design websites are just for designers but I have got my best ideas from looking through them so take advantage of this huge site.



WebDesigerDepot is great for design inspiration and ideas on how to make your blog design unique, which is critical to the success of a business, making it unique to all the other zombie type businesses.

CSS Tricks


The code behind websites is just as important as the design because if you have bad code, you will have a slow website. Something I found out with my first website I built and so learning all the best ways to code and style things is important.

Net Tuts+


Nettuts is a really cool blog, one of the Tutsplus network, owned by Collis Ta’eed. Another great website teaching coding, web development and design tutorials.



WebDesignerWall had some really well in depth content about the creation of websites and resources for making your website. It’s important to learn the process behind building a website so that you can understand how to make it better.

Website Optimization

UX Booth


UXbooth is run by 4 young web enthusiasts and they teach people how to basically get more out of the reader and make their experience on your website better.



Yoast is run by Joost and he teaches through his blog how to tweak your website to improve you search engine rankings and create a better experience for the reader.

SEO Book


SEO is really important, so many internet marketers say SEO is dead and to not worry about it, that is complete BS. If it wasn’t for search engines, I wouldn’t earn even half of what I do today because my traffic would be so much lower. SEObook has all the tutorials would you need to optimize your website for search engines.



SEOmoz is also another really big SEO website that I use regularly, they offer lots of tools, tips and tutorials for you to use to get better search engine rankings.


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