Jennifer Lopez Turned Down a Million Dollars For The Most Romantic Reason

Jennifer Lopez was scheduled to perform on New Years Eve at chic Miami nightclub E11even, a gig that would’ve paid her a million dollars (which to be fair is probably a handful of change to J. Lo), but she bailed. And not because she decided to spend New Year’s Eve in her PJ’s watching Netflix and eating pizza.

A “source” told Page Six that the singer/dancer/legend decided to spend time with Drake.
Yes, that Drake.

The Canadian rapper is apparently “just friends” with Rihanna now (wahhhhhh) and recent rumors that he was consciously coupling with Taylor Swift have died down. Which, hypothetically, leaves him single and ready to mingle with J Lo.

“He will be in Vegas and she wants to hang out with him,” the source said.

Earlier this week, J.Lo’s rep said that she canceled for “personal and family time” after a busy and stressful year. But the singer and Drake have been seen “getting cozy” and “canoodling” in LA and “sharing lunch” (oooh!) at the Hotel Bel-Air.

Canoodling? LUNCH? What does it all mean???

According to Lopez’s rep, she and Drake are just friends and collaborators. “They are spending time together, working on a new music project,” the rep said. And what better time to “work on a new music project” than New Years Eve? A night when everyone is hard at work on their “projects”?

Mmmmm hmmm.

Have fun “collaborating,” you crazy kids

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