“She Was Diagnosed a Fibroid, But She Turned Out A Baby” – Pastor Nike Adeyemi Shares The Miracle Of Her Daughter

Nike Adeyemi, wife of Pastor Sam Adeyemi of the Daystar church shared a powerful testimony about he birth of her daughter whose birthday was celebrated yesterday.

She wrote,

When you arrived on Christmas Eve 22 yrs ago, you were and still are our amazing gift from God. The story was that, a renowned gynecologist called you a fibroid that needed to be examined immediately, yet their x-ray machine couldn’t work because there was no power( NEPA) and mysteriously their generator refused to work.

Two weeks later at a nearby hospital, a preg test confirmed I was pregnant already! Had it worked, the x -ray would have destroyed the fetus-baby had formed. A seeming setback turned out to be a set up! Friends, what have you been told that’s not in line with God’s purpose and plans for you ? It can be reversed.

Whatever and whoever is relevant to your purpose will come. God’s divine intervention, His mercies are on point ! Go into 2017 with love and faith in your heart. Celebrate the gift that you are already because you lived and are still alive.

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