My attention has been drawn to a publication and / or article titled ” Character Assassination:,
UJU CHIMA KINGSLEY punches back at detractors ; on OKONJI TEMPLE AND PAY MASTERS written by Joe Chimezie, SA, Print and Social Media, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Government House, Owerri. And these media activities are not devoted to explanations on the allegations on the person and character and fraudulent existence and personal records of the fake Engineer in the Imo State Government, House, Owerri called UJU CHIMA KINGSLEY.

Ordinarily, I would have ignored the publication for the reasons of avoiding my betrayal of assurances to well – meaning Nigerians, especially Engr. Tony Okanne, Hon. Gideon Meffor ,Barr. Emmanuel Ekweremba even the Rt. Hon. Goodluck Opiah and countless others. However, the issues raised in the publication and / or article, suggest a compelling response urgently. And therefore, my sincerest apologies to these respected Nigerians whose intervention in spirited counsel, I had vowed to honour in strongest assurances. And therefore, it’s my desire to make categorical statements as follows:

FIRST. I’m Okonji, Temple Oguzie – Udokanma, of the Okonji family of Umuokpara Obosa in the Assa Autonomous Community of the Ohaji / Egbema Local Government, Imo State. And my parents are Chief / Nze Enyia Paul Okonji and Lolo Blessing Ugonwa Okonji. And my father was renowned, having remained the administrator of the old Assa / Obile Autonomous Community until the creation and enthronement of HRM Eze AU Assor as the Traditional Ruler in 1981. My father together with his younger brother, simultaneously, were the first persons to build block buildings of seven bedrooms bungalows before 1950. So, I’m not given to undesirable background……

SECOND!! I started and concluded my Primary School at Assa from 1981-1987, moving into the Assa Secondary School, later concluded at the Awarra Secondary School from 1988- 1994. And before I proceed, my records in these formative academic stages were super bright as I was an exceptional pupil of the reserved “first and second position in class always”, Fundamentally, in my Primary Six in 1987, my fellow pupils in class accused me of using magical powers from India to manipulate their successes in examinations, and this necessitated emergency PARENTS AND TEACHERS ASSOCIATION MEETING, and I was cleared and applauded. Furthermore, I led a historic resistance and revolution against my School Authority in 1993 in my Secondary School which earned me expulsion, and later, a deserving recall with applause. And so, I am immune to pedestrian allegations on my personal development, not bothered anymore. This is very verifiable absolutely. And continuing, I secured admission into the Enugu State University, Enugu to study Law from 1996-2001, leaving with a Second Class Degree, proceeding immediately to the Nigeria Law School in 2002 at the Bagauda, Kano Campus without any resit or repeat of any examination. And I was called to the Nigerian Bar in July 2003 and enrolled in the Supreme Court of Nigeria in 2003. It should be stated that on account of armed robbery attack, I was out of the Law School for eight weeks which earned me expulsion on ground of failure to meet the regulatory seventy percent ( 70%) attendance, requirement and prerequisite for participation in the examinations, but was recalled two days to the BAR FINALS ( PART TWO) EXAMINATIONS on my cogent representations, and yet this depressing challenge did not derail my future as I was successful in the examinations.

THIRD!!! And for emphasis, I have never failed any promotional examination since my academic sojourn. And in the University especially, I was an ” A” and “B” Student, very popular and famous in exceptional brilliance in both curricula and extra curricula which earned me the nickname “Temple of Justice” in the University, which nickname was given to me by Chief ( Barr) John Nnia Nwodo,Lecturer in Constitutional Law, former Honourable Minister and current President of the Ohaneze Ndi Igbo Worldwide. I was exceptional always. And I remained in the Law Students’ House of Assembly for five years non-stop, winning election into SUG PARLIAMENT which could not be inaugurated because of my Court action against the declared President of the SUG, Mr. Louis Ufio. This court case which halted all SUG activities that year ( 2001) earned me the most famous Student Lawyer in ESUT with unimaginable threats to my life, security , safety and persecution of my academic future , including founding a Students Law Chambers till date called ” JUSTITIA CHAMBERS IN ESUT ” , including leading the ” EQUITY CHAMBERS for long periods, and been a “SENIOR ADVOCATE OF ESUT” in my third year of Legal Studies. And still, I was the FOUNDING President of the IMO / ABIA LAW STUDENTS, ESUT,ENUGU , while the current Honourable Member representing the Obowo State Constituency, Imo State House of Assembly, Hon. ( Barr.) Kennedy Ibe was the Financial Secretary, himself very exceptional, cerebral in curricula and extra curricula activities in the University . It is evident that I was exceptional in both curricula and extra curricula activities as an Undergraduate, which enabled me to enjoy the first ever waiver approved by the University Senate and the Faculty Board because I missed the Company Law examination in my final year. And even with the waiver, I graduated with a strong Second Class ( Honours) Degree in 3:3 CPGA. This is regrettably unfortunate because I had 4:2 CPGA in my fourth year hoping to become the Best Graduating Law Student in 2001. The review of my academic records, earned me the first ever ” graduation waiver in the University “, and this cancels the allegations of criminal existence as a Student and Undergraduate as no University or Faculty Authority would authorize or approve a graduation waiver for notorious cultist or academic loafer.

FOURTH!!!! Another bizarre point raised bothers on my paternity. And for emphasis, unlike other humans, I was given birth to under super monitored spiritual activities without been touched and handled by any unclean man or woman. My birth was done in a special room in my father’s house, with highly spiritual men and women specially hired and brought for my emergence. This signifies special existence with challenging spiritual obligation on me and my father till his death, including my relationship with every Chief Priest in my family and kindred and my village. And which family on earth won’t welcome me with immeasurable celebrations if I am found, locally or genetically to be of them. Laughable rejoinder it’s absolutely.

FIFTH . I have been a lawyer since 2003, serving in the Donga Local Government Council of Taraba State of Nigeria in 2004 as the Legal Adviser for NYSC. In 2002, I was a pupil Student Attachee of the Eliza Chambers of Dr. Livy Uzoukwu, SAN, and thereafter, joined the Law Office of Lawrence Chukwuezi of the IHUOMA CHAMBERS, 2B DOUGLAS ROAD OWERRI, IMO STATE TILL DATE. Furthermore, my records in legal practice could be accessed at the Oguta High Court,other High Courts in Imo State, Magistrates Courts in Imo State ,especially in Umuagwo and Umuokanne Ohaji. Further checks could be at the Imo State Judicial Tribunal on Autonomous Communities and Traditional Rulers headed by Justice Chikeka with Members as CHIEF WAC UWAKWE ( NOW HRH) AND CHIEF ( BARR) NICK DARU NKEMDEME, CP RTD FROM AWO OMAMMA for my records in legal representation and practice, even though my years as a lawyer are served in several political appointments since 2005 at the Niger Delta Development Commission ( NDDC) . Once my political appointment on each occasion ended, I have always returned to legal practice. And these responses have handled the issues on legal practice ,most satisfactorily.

SIXTH!!!!! It is shameful to link the Rt. Hon. Goodluck Opiah to these publication, which publication has not attempted a rebuttal with evidence and facts as against what were published against UJU CHIMA KINGSLEY. I celebrate the inclusion of OPIAH GOODLUCK, especially as he had issued me with QUERY AND SUSPENSION ON ACCOUNT OF THESE REVELATION IN DISGRACE ON THE FAKE ENGINEER CALLED UJU CHIMA KINGSLEY. And having laboured to deny that UJU CHIMA KINGSLEY is not and has not presented himself as Engineer, soils the credibility of the said UJU CHIMA KINGSLEY, including every issue raised in the publication under review. And so, I annex my two previous articles on UJU CHIMA KINGSLEY for further clarification and guide. It’s laughable to attempt any form of political or social or economic comparison between UJU CHIMA KINGSLEY and the Rt. Hon. Goodluck NANAH OPIAH. Absolutely, Opiah and Rochas Okorocha rank within their levels. Gleefully, this inclusion of OPIAH, after a similar attack on the two Honourable Members of the Imo State House of Assembly,representing the two Oil Producing Local Governments in Imo State of Ohaji / Egbema and Oguta
@ EMMANUEL ORIE AND UZOMA EZEDIARO confirms my story that UJU CHIMA KINGSLEY wants the destructions of everyone in the Oil Producing Areas in order to assume ” almightiness”.

Responding on the accomplishments of GOODLUCK OPIAH on this publication would be uncharitable, irresponsible of me. Everyone from the Oil Producing Areas who enjoyed political patronage from the Oil Producing Areas from Governor Rochas Okorocha are blocked and blackmailed by UJU CHIMA KINGSLEY into dormancy and irrelevance, especially the big players from the Egbema Division. This is very shameful thoroughly. For emphasis, HON. GOODLUCK OPIAH doesn’t engage in rivalry whether healthy or unhealthy, and this accounts for his robust relationship with all political stakeholders beyond political parties’ affinity and affiliation. Opiah recognises the existence in greatness of people like Justice Chukwudifu Oputa, Senators Arthur Nzeribe and Nnani Maduagwu, Sir Mike Mbama OKIRO,former Honourable Members of the House of Representatives like PU CHUKWU, LUCKY PETER EKEORDU, TONY EZE OKERE, OSITA IZUNASO, CHUKA AMA – NWAUWA, ALPHONSUS GERALD IRONA, INCLUDING KELECHI IHEANACHO, GODDY ESOM OBODO, CHARLES ORIE AND PLACY EKWUEME AND CHARLES ( CHARLY BOY) OPUTA. The roles of HRM EZE SNA UZOR ( NZE OBI EGBEMA) ,of blessed memory, count in special greatness, including PROFESSOR GABRIEL MADUKA UMEZURIKE ( former Vice Chancellor, Imo State University, Owerri) .
And so, it’s sheer political rascality to assume greatness beyond these great men. However, beyond puerile political rhetoric and uncharitable pedestrian postulations, HON. GOODLUCK OPIAH has etched himself in socio-economic and political immortality on the vision in the establishment of the IMO STATE OIL PRODUCING AREAS DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION ( ISOPADEC) . And therefore, every accomplishment of the ISOPADEC counts for GOODLUCK OPIAH UNTO PERPETUITY. And the greatness of GOODLUCK OPIAH lies squarely upon the generational accomplishments in the ISOPADEC, not in been the Honourable Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly and / or anything else.

SEVENTH!!!! I have, since becoming a lawyer, acquired these political exposure and experience to wit : (a) Special Assistant to the NDDC Commissioner, Imo State (2005-2009); (Special Assistant ( Youth Mobilisation) to the Honourable Speaker, Imo State House of Assembly (2009-2011); (c) Special Assistant ( Legal / Youth Affairs) to the Managing Director, ISOPADEC (May 2011-November 2011); (d) Personal Assistant ( Outreach Activities) to the Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives (2013-2015); Senior Legislative Aide / Legislative Director, % Hon. Goodluck Opiah ( 2015 – Date). I have served as a Project Consultant to several Companies on Communities’ and Youth Affairs including ENERCO ENGINEERING NIGERIA LIMITED AND FIRST WESTERN ENERGY NIGERIA LIMITED till date. It is equally on record that I represented the NDDC Imo State in CHEVRON PETROLEUM NIGERIA LIMITED IN GMOU FORMULATION AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION. Within same period, I served my immediate Autonomous Community as a Youth President and a National Legal Adviser. And beyond these, I was involved positively in the Niger Delta struggle for meaningful development representing Imo State severally when it was not fashionable to do so without engagement in crimes of any description whatsoever. And this involvement in the Niger Delta struggle secured me opportunities twice to represent the Imo State Youth and the Oil Producing Areas in PRESIDENTIAL ENGAGEMENT OF CRITICAL AND STRATEGIC STAKEHOLDERS IN 2006 AND 2014 respectively.

And on these acts of uncommon grace and mercies and privileges which are Divine, I entered into a COVENANT WITH JEHOVAH in Enugu on top the Enugu Hills with the Rev’d. Dr. Oscar Okechukwu Egwuonwu in 2001 to dedicate seventy percent ( 70%) of my monthly earnings to charity till my death. And I have obligatorily and faithfully honoured and fulfilled this VOW IN THE COVENANT since my first political appointment in 2005 at the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) till date.

EIGHT!!!!!! I have responded on facts and records and evidence backed by dates. UJU CHIMA KINGSLEY is a criminal impostor with dubious fraudulent existence from the University. UJU CHIMA KINGSLEY is not an Engineer, even in these spurious attempts at denials. UJU CHIMA KINGSLEY is not from the Ohaji / Egbema Local Government, Imo State as his overall BIO – DATA show and establish that he is from the Ogba / Egbema / Ndoni Local Government, Rivers State. No doubts, like a volcano, all the records of criminality and dishonesty and dubious claims of UJU CHIMA KINGSLEY have erupted violently against his pettiness and littleness. And this is shameful, sordidly irreconcilable, indefensible and in- reprehensible ; utterly despicable…………….

And it is only in the Imo State of Governor Rochas Okorocha that exposed characters in sordid activities in criminality and dishonesty and fraudulent existence like UJU CHIMA KINGSLEY are retained and protected, even as the government mouths empty anti – corruption and anti – crime campaigns. And the protection confirms that UJU CHIMA KINGSLEY is an agent of the Imo State Government under Rochas Okorocha, and indeed, an oppressive middleman in the continuous criminal diversion and conversion of the monthly 13% Oil Derivation Fund for the development of the Oil Producing Areas of Imo State, and the castration of the ISOPADEC founded by GOODLUCK OPIAH AND THE PDP for speediest development of the under – developed Oil Producing Communities of Imo State. Very despicable thoroughly.

And for emphasis and clarity of purpose, the said fake Engineer, UJU CHIMA KINGSLEY contested against BARR. OKONJI TEMPLE then as Undergraduates for the Secretary General of the ESUT STUDENTS UNION GOVERNMENT in 1999/2000 academic session. And in this contest, including the records of security screening in the University, UJU CHIMA KINGSLEY was of the Cooperative and Rural Studies, not Engineering with bio – data showing indigene of the Ogba / Egbema / Ndoni Local Government of Rivers State while OKONJI TEMPLE at all times, was of the Faculty of Law, and indigene of the Ohaji / Egbema Local Government, Imo State. And so, assuming without conceding that UJU CHIMA KINGSLEY is from the Ohaji / Egbema Local Government of Imo State and not from the Ogba / Egbema / Ndoni Local Government of Rivers State, does it not amount to grossly criminal activity to have altered his records for socio-economic and political gains and advantages, including his admission and activities in the University and thereafter until his current appointment as the Deputy Chief of Staff ( Operations) by Governor Rochas Okorocha in 2015? Let ” ENGR”UJU CHIMA KINGSLEY respond and clarify personally to avoid further denials in the future as has become the position in the claim of an ” Engineer “. And the global village in vigilance,and all well – meaning Nigerians, are begged and enjoined to seek clarification and cogent explanation from the fake Engineer called UJU CHIMA KINGSLEY as well as the Imo State Government under Governor Rochas Okorocha. This is a shining activity at exposing corruption and other crimes in the government and governance of Imo State. This is the foundation of this publication in further clarification as always in order to set the records perfectly and thoroughly straight.


FEBRUARY 21,2017.

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